The Elusive Someday Project

It’s been a while since I have posted anything, I’ve just manages to get over a wicked cold while trying to balance a crazy schedule, luckily things seem to be back to normal now and I will hopefully get to work on my polka dot dress this weekend – still not looking forward to ripping out and redoing that zipper… Today I will talk about a different dress, a few years ago I borrowed a friends dress and absolutely loved it, I sadly had to give it back but I was determined to find one like it. After lots of looking I still have not found anything close to it. My best description is that it is a tiered dress similar to this one:

Tiered Dress

I found that picture on google. The dress I loved had larger and fewer tiers (probably 5 or 6) and the top was completely different. It had a halter neck similar to this one:

Halter Neck

but you could either tie it at your neck or make it a strapless dress by letting the ties hang (they were quite long, or possibly you could tie them at the back of the dress – I don’t remember, the dress was held up with elastic above the bust and had an empire waistline. It also had a silk like liner and gauze like main fabric. It also had a high low hem.

I don’t have a good picture of the dress or I would post it…. Trust me I wish I did haha

This half forgotten but very much loved dress is my someday project.

Have you ever borrowed or seen a dress that you instantly wanted but could never find again?

Did you try to make it yourself?

Where you successful?

Do you have a someday project?


Polka dot dress part 3

This polka dot dress is turning out to be quite a bit trickier than I originally thought, I am looking forward to finishing it this week.

The princess seam worked out but then when I tried to attach the sash I started running into problems, first of can anyone tell me how I manage to get my thread snarled up so much, I cannot figure out why it does this… Update: I found out that the snarled thread is due to my tension setting.

thread snarl

Eventually I decided to discard the sash, I am disappointed and I will probably try to make a dress with a sash another time but for now I think I had bit off more than I could chew so to speak. Anyway once I did that it got much easier, I used some of the fabric that I bought from my local store – the sales associate and I had a good laugh over my trials and tribulations, she was very encouraging. – with that I extended the front bodice, I am interested to see how it will fit since the princess seam ends at what I will now call the empire bustline – as if I intentionally planned it that way haha.

Here’s what it looks like


with sash


without sash

I also cut out the back and put in a zipper, this was the first time that I ever put one in so of course it had to be an 18″ zipper, as you will see in the pictures, the stitching is not strait and the fabric is not quite all tucked in as it should but the zipper works so I am going to call it a success. I also realized after I put the zipper in that I had not finished the edges of the neckline… not quite sure what I will do yet…

Here are some pictures of the zipper:

crooked zipper close up of zipper