Bubble and Squeak

Last summer I went to England where I tried Bubble and Squeak, it is actually something that my mum made all the time, we called it hash though, I like the nameBubble and Squeak way better though.

So Bubble and Squeak is basically all those leftover veggies that you have from the wonderful meal that you made the night before all mashed together and fried up, it is often served with poached egss on top – when I make it they are fried eggs. I am still working on poaching an egg properly…

I would recommend making this to everyone, it is wonderful.

Last week I cooked a roast, and my veggies (white potato, sweet potato, turnip, and carrots) all in one pan in the oven and then the next morning I took my veggie medley and mashed it then fried it, and tada: Bubble and Squeak. (with fried eggs of course!)

A super easy way to roast veggies that I always use is to chop everything up and throw it in a large ziploc bag, add in some olive oil (be generous) then put in all your favorite spices, close up the bag and shake. Pour into the pan and you have lovely evenly coated veggies. Pop in the oven until done and enjoy.