Circle Skirt 2

Here it is, Circle Skirt # 2 – When I was getting fabric the other day I came across this one, its a bit shiny which is odd since all the other fabrics at the store are cotton, I will have to go read the bolt next time I am in the store.


I am using this tutorial to make this one. So far I have cut it out, sewed the seam line and pinned part of the hem.

Hemming is my least favourite part of sewing, I can never get it to have clean lines, there must be a trick that I have not learned yet.


Helpful Tutorials

Since I started sewing I have been using other people’s tutorials and I have decided to compile the ones that I have used or am planning to use on a page in my blog, its called “Helpful Tutorials” I hope that it will help other people find what they are looking for – I often see search terms such as “circle skirt pattern” for people who find my blog so here you go, so far there are two different circle skirts, an a line skirt, fitting tips, and how to install a basic zipper. I also know of an apron one that I will put on.

If anyone knows any dress ones I would appreciate it.

Circle Skirt part 3

Since I pinned my waistband I have been trying to figure out how to close my skirt, the fabric isn’t stretchy enough for an elastic to be put in. I could just get it on over my hips before I put the waistband in now that there is more fabric I am worried I would tear it. I don’t want to add a seam either. So my solution to this problem is: a button to close the waistband and an exposed zipper!

This will be my first exposed zipper and I can’t wait to go pick one up – I was originally going to put a small navy blue zipper on the inside but since my skirt is seamless that would be tough.

I picked up a jeans zipper and an assortment of buttons

buttons and zipper

I tried the skirt on again and realized that I do not need the zipper, I can do it with buttons! I chose the gold button in the middle.

Then I started practicing button holes

button holes

At first the button holes were pulling the fabric too much (see the one on the right) so I doubled up the fabric and put some iron on stitchery in between the layers to reinforce it (on the left).

I finished the waistband, attached the buttons and marked the now reinforced spot where the button holes would go. Then I realized that I now have a problem. I have absolutely no idea how I am going to attach the waistband… at this point it was getting late and I started making silly mistakes so I decided to stop for the night. We will see what will happen today.



Cirlce Skirt

I am awful at starting a project then moving on to something else before I finish the first thing, but I like to have more than one project on the go because when I get frustrated with one I can work on the other. Anyway this is the circle skirt that I started in January, see here for the previous post.

I pinned on the waistband and am currently trying to figure out if i can get away with an elastic waistband or if I need to put a dreaded zipper in…

Circle Skirt

Have you ever had a bad experience with zippers? What is your favorite way to finish a dress or skirt?

Polka Dot Dress Part 4

So I finally started working on my dress again and I started with the zipper, I ended up ripping it out twice more and got so frustrated that I made it shorter, I was only getting so far until it started gettting super crooked so that is where I cut it off. it looks like this now.

Zipper zipper outside

I also put a hook and eye at the top.

Next I realized that hemming the arm holes was going to be a problem, so I got some of my leftover fabric from making the dress and made my own bias tape.

Homemade Bias Tape

It was really thick and I didn’t want to try it on my machine so I ended up hand sewing it, in hindsight I probably should have been sewing closer to the edge but I didn’t.


It is a litte warped but I’m hoping that it will still lay ok. I still have to do that at least 3 more times and then possibly for the neck line as well. Stuff like this makes me really wish that I had a dress form. I am starting to worry that it will not fit. I am learning a lot though. I will definitly be making a muslin first for my mad men dress.

Polka dot dress

So my latest project has been working on a polka dot dress, I didn’t even plan to make one I just saw the fabric and got the inspiration. I looked on Pinterest and on some other blogs and my idea for the pattern came from where she shows you how to make her picnic dress. What I am attempting to make is not quite the same but similar, the other day I cut out the pieces and this is what it might look like.

Polka dot dress

apologies for the quality of the picture, I took it with my phone.

So far I have made a circle skirt for the bottom and meaused out and cut the sash. The tricky part is the top of the dress, I have been trying to make it with darts since the fabric isn’t stretchy and I need a bit more room than some… so far I have made two tops and both are residing in my scrap bag (along with the pajama pants from before.) Now I am back to the computer to see if I can find an easy tutorial to help me make the top… we will see what happens…