Online Ordering – Experience No. 2

For B5750

For B5750


Looks really pretty doesn’t it….

I thought so too, that is until I received it…

What I thought would be a nice off white colour is actuallynicotine coloured, the description of the fabric said it would be very light and flowy, not sure how that translates to heavy and scratchy.

I also ordered another fabric:

For B5317

For B5317

I am going to keep this one, even though the stiching is a bit shiney, I have a lining fabric to go under it as well.

I have been wondering lately about linings, am I better off to make a lining for each dress or to splurge on some good quality silk and make a nice slip that I can wear under the dress….


But back to online ordering, this time I ordered from, which luckily for me has a very nice return policy, unluckily they only pay the shipping if its domestic and I happen to be international as far as they are concerned.

We will have to wait and see how that turns out once I hear back from them.

I also received my covered boning for B5882 I still have not found a fabric yet though, and I may wait until I can get to a real store and feel the fabric before I buy it.

Mostly this experience just reminded me how difficult it can be to get something you like when online ordering, 2 out of 3 aint bad, but if I had been in a store I would have liked all of them.

Curious about my plans for the fabric? Check out my future projects page!