SONP2013 Project 1

So I started working on my SONP project late, with no idea what I would make first, I decided on an a line skirt with pockets, with a pretty yellow fabric, I have done an a line skirt before, see here and despite a few issues while hemming it turned out great.

I started this one and I did not really measure very well so I ended up with three panels instead of two, luckily I usually over estimate how much fabric I need when I am at the store…

I stitched the back panel together just fine and then decided to sew the pocket pieces together when everything went sideways. I don’t know if its the tension or something I am doing wrong but I cannot get through a project without it happening at lease once that the underside of the fabric ends up being a big snarl of thread while the top looks normal, and thread gets all jammed up where the bobbin goes.

I did take pictures and will upload them tomorrow. I will also finish my skirt tomorrow during daylight hours as currently June bugs are throwing themselves at all of the window around me and giving me the heebe jeebes, I just get squirrelly hearing the noise… one got in my hair once… it was tramatic… come to think of it I left my plants that I was hardening off out on the deck… they will just have to survive overnight… I am not going out there!



Helpful Tutorials

Since I started sewing I have been using other people’s tutorials and I have decided to compile the ones that I have used or am planning to use on a page in my blog, its called “Helpful Tutorials” I hope that it will help other people find what they are looking for – I often see search terms such as “circle skirt pattern” for people who find my blog so here you go, so far there are two different circle skirts, an a line skirt, fitting tips, and how to install a basic zipper. I also know of an apron one that I will put on.

If anyone knows any dress ones I would appreciate it.