Mending vs Creating

While there is something very satisfying about creating something from a length of fabric, I find it equally satisfying to mend someone’s torn clothing, or to replace a missing button, etc. I love the way people react when they realize that their issue can be fixed. I love sewing on my machineĀ  but I prefer to mend by hand.

Would you prefer to mend or create?

Do you mend by hand? Does it depend on the size of the project?



Mad Men Dress – the nonexistant result…


My Mad Men dress was a bust, I was away the days leading up to the contest and my second practice dress had been another disaster, I have decided to work on skirts more, bodices seem to be eluding me.

I still have my fabric that I was going to use for this dress so I will have to think of what to use it for.


Any suggestions?



I also just discovered that the deadline had been extended… to yesterday… lol

Mad Men Dress Part 4

With 17 days left to make this dress its definitely time to start working on it again.

I redrew the pattern, hopefully it will be easier since princess seams are giving me so much trouble. I really need to start buying some fabric with some stretch to it.

Here is the new pattern. I used this for the boat neck part and this for the darts. Now I just have to get some more broadcloth to practice on.


Sometimes Simple is Better.

Do you ever find that you get yourself all worked up for no reason, this happened to me while I was cooking dinner for my boyfriends family again (we had pork roast this time)

At first the menu was:

  • Slow cooked Pork Tenderlion, cooked on the BBQ with sweet bbq sauce.
  • Sausage and potato dressing
  • Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Buttered carrots
  • Corn

What we ended up having was:

  • Pork Rib Roast cooked in the oven with garlic and herbe de provence (my favourite spice, it works with everything!!!)
  • Mashed potatos
  • Mashed Turnip
  • Buttered Carrots

Not a huge change but it was a bit more simple.

Oh and dessert was a choice of homemade coconut cream pie or chocolate cook n serve pudding pie.

For the pie crust I thought I would use lard instead of vegetable shortening just for a change – it still turned out good – I fussed with the crust too much though so it was tougher than it should have been but that’s ok, they didn’t seem to have any problem eating it šŸ™‚

I get a little caught up in the details when I cook – getting upset about one thing (the potatos this time) being done way before the others – I hate to serve cold food… which reminds me I should have warmed the plates up.

Next time we are bbqing burgers šŸ™‚

I realized that this relates to my Mad Men dress, I have 22 days to finish it and I haven’t touched it since the disaster with the practice dress. It’s the bodice that I am having trouble with. So this weekend I will try to do research to see what the simplest way to do it would be and to take more time to learn how to do the technique instead of just jumping ahead. Trial by fire is great and you can learn a lot but sometimes research is good too….

Do you have any stories about getting too caught up in the details?

A friend of mine refers to it is as ‘being in the weeds’

Enjoy your Easter weekend! Any special plans?

Circle Skirt 2

Here it is, Circle Skirt # 2 – When I was getting fabric the other day I came across this one, its a bit shiny which is odd since all the other fabrics at the store are cotton, I will have to go read the bolt next time I am in the store.


I am using this tutorial to make this one. So far I have cut it out, sewed the seam line and pinned part of the hem.

Hemming is my least favourite part of sewing, I can never get it to have clean lines, there must be a trick that I have not learned yet.

Two Hour Dress

I completed a dress for the first time last night. I made a tank dress, where you buy a tank top then cut it and add a skirt. I made it as a birthday present for my Mum. She doesn’t know but I am sure she suspects since I had to ask her her waist and hip measurements.

I originally planned on having an elastic attaching the shirt to the skirt but my local store doesn’t sell 2″ elastic and I didn’t have enough 1″ elastic. By the time I realized that I didn’t heave enough 1″ the store had already closed and I only had last night to work on the dress so I just sewed the shirt to the skirt, I used a zigzag stitch for the very first time.

The dress turned out ok I think, it’s a little wonky and I did mess up the hem – I made an a line skirt and I hemmed the bottom before I attached the two pieces together sp the hems don’t match but I think it’s good enough to be a beach cover up.

The fabric

The fabric



Hemming, my least favourite part.

Hemming, my least favourite part.

Shirt cut and ready to be attached.

Shirt cut and ready to be attached.

All done!

All done!





Helpful Tutorials

Since I started sewing I have been using other people’s tutorials and I have decided to compile the ones that I have used or am planning to use on a page in my blog, its called “Helpful Tutorials” I hope that it will help other people find what they are looking for – I often see search terms such as “circle skirt pattern” for people who find my blog so here you go, so far there are two different circle skirts, an a line skirt, fitting tips, and how to install a basic zipper. I also know of an apron one that I will put on.

If anyone knows any dress ones I would appreciate it.