Happy Summer

Hello to my lovely blog followers and I apologize for my long absence, wedding planning has put a temporary halt on my sewing adventures.

I have been doing some cooking though, yesterday I made a potato salad using potatos I grew in my garden!

My ‘recipe’

I chuncked up the potatos, then boiled them, once done set in the fridge to cool – or if you are like me and leave it to the last minute, you might want to cool them in the freezer. Just don’t forget about them in there!

While the potatos are boiling put some eggs in a pot with water to boil as well

Fry up some bacon – I used maple bacon since it’s my favourite and what happened to be in the fridge.

Dice up some red bell pepper and chop some spring onion (also called green onion)

Put the veggies in the bowl you will be using to serve the salad.

In a cereal bowl put in a squeeze of mustard and 2 dollops of miracle whip, add a dash of chives (fresh or freeze dried) and a sprinkle of herbes de provence. Whip together then mix in with the veggies.

In hindsight I would have added the bacon now and stirred it in. I crumbled it on top.

Peel and slice your hardboiled eggs (cool them first) then layer them ontop.

Sprinkle the whole thing with a bit of peprika and you are done.

I dont have a picture of it because it didnt last long enough to take one!


Cooking for five or aparently ten…

I love cooking, especially for a group. I do seem to have a slight huge problem with how much food to cook. My boyfriend and I made a stew two days ago and some of his relatives came over for supper last night (stew is always better the next day don’t you think?) The five of us ate the stew, along with some brown bread rolls I made last week and the doughboys it turned out to be a great supper with apple crisp for dessert.

Once we had finished eating I looked at the pot – there is still half a pot of stew left, and that’s with a sixth bowl having been delivered to the neighbour!

Since you cannot freeze potatos I feel like I will be eating stew for days… but that’s ok, I love leftovers 🙂

We also only ate half the apple crisp – it was only a 13 x 9 pan – I tripled the topping so that was nice and thick. Plus I will never have a problem eating it, Apple Crisp is my absolute favorite.

I find that both of these dishes can be made and served in totally different ways depending on the people.

Stew can be served on plates with the gravy on the side or everything in a bowl, you can make doughboys or bread.

Some people love crunchy apples and a soft topping for their apple crisp, some the other way around. Some people with ice cream and others without.

For me, the stew is in a bowl, I have a roll and my apple crisp has soft apples, with a crunchy topping. No ice cream!

How would you eat this meal? Do you find you under or overshoot your amount of food? What is your favourite dessert? Any thoughts on leftovers?


It’s been a while since I have posted about anything other than sewing. I also spend my time baking and cooking. This week I am having some people over for dinner and making a stew. They were all excited when they found out that we were having stew then shocked when I said that no I was not making doughboys. Well that went right out the window so now I am going to make doughboys – which I had never heard about until 6 months ago.

What I discovered is that doughboys are the same as what you would make when you make blueberry grunt, which I love but I had never called them doughboys before and at the moment I cannot remember what they are called.

If you do not know what blueberry grunt is you may know it as blueberry funjo or blueberry funji, or just google it.

I will let you know how they turn out….

Dumplings! I think that’s what my grandmother called them….

Has something like this ever happened to you? What do you like to have with you soups/stews?



I made the doughboys last night. they actually didn’t turn out too bad!

Bubble and Squeak

Last summer I went to England where I tried Bubble and Squeak, it is actually something that my mum made all the time, we called it hash though, I like the nameBubble and Squeak way better though.

So Bubble and Squeak is basically all those leftover veggies that you have from the wonderful meal that you made the night before all mashed together and fried up, it is often served with poached egss on top – when I make it they are fried eggs. I am still working on poaching an egg properly…

I would recommend making this to everyone, it is wonderful.

Last week I cooked a roast, and my veggies (white potato, sweet potato, turnip, and carrots) all in one pan in the oven and then the next morning I took my veggie medley and mashed it then fried it, and tada: Bubble and Squeak. (with fried eggs of course!)

A super easy way to roast veggies that I always use is to chop everything up and throw it in a large ziploc bag, add in some olive oil (be generous) then put in all your favorite spices, close up the bag and shake. Pour into the pan and you have lovely evenly coated veggies. Pop in the oven until done and enjoy.