SONP2013 Project 1 Part 2

Lesson learned today… never buy cheap thread, its not worth the headache. I now have the dress panels mostly together. As long as I can get some more thread I will hopefully finish it soon. I might leave out the pockets… I am really not sure how to do them, I think skirt #2 will have pockets instead so I have more time to do some research.

Pictures up soon hopefully.


SONP2013 Project 1

So I started working on my SONP project late, with no idea what I would make first, I decided on an a line skirt with pockets, with a pretty yellow fabric, I have done an a line skirt before, see here and despite a few issues while hemming it turned out great.

I started this one and I did not really measure very well so I ended up with three panels instead of two, luckily I usually over estimate how much fabric I need when I am at the store…

I stitched the back panel together just fine and then decided to sew the pocket pieces together when everything went sideways. I don’t know if its the tension or something I am doing wrong but I cannot get through a project without it happening at lease once that the underside of the fabric ends up being a big snarl of thread while the top looks normal, and thread gets all jammed up where the bobbin goes.

I did take pictures and will upload them tomorrow. I will also finish my skirt tomorrow during daylight hours as currently June bugs are throwing themselves at all of the window around me and giving me the heebe jeebes, I just get squirrelly hearing the noise… one got in my hair once… it was tramatic… come to think of it I left my plants that I was hardening off out on the deck… they will just have to survive overnight… I am not going out there!


#SONP teaser – Pattern Review

On June 10th I will do a  pattern review for Hideous Dreadful Stinky’s Summer of No Pants.

I purchased B5317


For B5317

For B5317

and this fabric to make the dress with.

The problem:

the pattern calls for 60″ fabric, I purchased 45″

so now what to do…

luckily I have a skirt pattern, we will see what happens with it, stay tuned for my post on June 10th.

Also on May 27th SONP2013 starts up, four skirts in four weeks, I am excited for the challenge! Each Friday I will post my finished product.

Online Ordering – Experience No. 2

For B5750

For B5750


Looks really pretty doesn’t it….

I thought so too, that is until I received it…

What I thought would be a nice off white colour is actuallynicotine coloured, the description of the fabric said it would be very light and flowy, not sure how that translates to heavy and scratchy.

I also ordered another fabric:

For B5317

For B5317

I am going to keep this one, even though the stiching is a bit shiney, I have a lining fabric to go under it as well.

I have been wondering lately about linings, am I better off to make a lining for each dress or to splurge on some good quality silk and make a nice slip that I can wear under the dress….


But back to online ordering, this time I ordered from, which luckily for me has a very nice return policy, unluckily they only pay the shipping if its domestic and I happen to be international as far as they are concerned.

We will have to wait and see how that turns out once I hear back from them.

I also received my covered boning for B5882 I still have not found a fabric yet though, and I may wait until I can get to a real store and feel the fabric before I buy it.

Mostly this experience just reminded me how difficult it can be to get something you like when online ordering, 2 out of 3 aint bad, but if I had been in a store I would have liked all of them.

Curious about my plans for the fabric? Check out my future projects page!



#SONP 2013 and a new project

I am getting really excited for the #SONP 2013 I am going to do a beginner pattern review for it in June – more details on that closer to the date, if you have any suggestions of a pattern to review let me know! – I have been itching to get back to my sewing machine. Today I am going to make some curtains, blinds are NOT enough to keep out the lights from the ships that go by.

I bought a nice chocolate brown cotton for my curtains, I have not decided if I am going to add any accents to it or if it will just be brown, I will have to ponder that…

I also picked up some nice red and white polka dot fabric to make some cushion covers.

When I first started sewing I always wondered what people meant when they said that their stash was getting out of hand, well now I understand! I have caught myself buying fabric without having a project for it, I have some red and white check cloth – like a picnic cloth, and no plans for that, as well as some green freckle cloth that is currently collecting dust… and a few others.

Do you have stash problems? Any suggestions for uses of the fabrics mentioned – the green was going to be for a skirt but once I got it home I realized that I don’t really love it…