Mending vs Creating

While there is something very satisfying about creating something from a length of fabric, I find it equally satisfying to mend someone’s torn clothing, or to replace a missing button, etc. I love the way people react when they realize that their issue can be fixed. I love sewing on my machineĀ  but I prefer to mend by hand.

Would you prefer to mend or create?

Do you mend by hand? Does it depend on the size of the project?



Mad Men Dress – the nonexistant result…


My Mad Men dress was a bust, I was away the days leading up to the contest and my second practice dress had been another disaster, I have decided to work on skirts more, bodices seem to be eluding me.

I still have my fabric that I was going to use for this dress so I will have to think of what to use it for.


Any suggestions?



I also just discovered that the deadline had been extended… to yesterday… lol

Mad Men Dress Part 4

With 17 days left to make this dress its definitely time to start working on it again.

I redrew the pattern, hopefully it will be easier since princess seams are giving me so much trouble. I really need to start buying some fabric with some stretch to it.

Here is the new pattern. I used this for the boat neck part and this for the darts. Now I just have to get some more broadcloth to practice on.