Patterns and Fabric and Zippers Oh My!

I went on vacation this weekend and ended up in a fabric store, I spent an hour and a half there and bought my very first patterns! I will post pictures of them later on. I also picked up my very first invisible zipper – forgot to get a zipper foot for it though so it will be a while yet before I can try that out. I got three dress patterns, a skirt pattern, and a button up shirt pattern – I can never get the store bought button up shirts to fit so I though I would try to make my own.

I also picked up some pretty plum coloured mystery fabric. It feels like a georgette – which I didn’t even know existed until this weekend. They sell it at a givewaya price since when they get it in the type of fabric isn’t identified. I got it for my fancy dress pattern which is definitly not for beginners but I am excited to try out once I practice some more.

They also had a bin of second hand patterns there, I found one that I loved but they didn’t have my size, it was a Butterick pattern, a short dress with a criss cross back.


I’m really excited to start working with patterns but first I have to start my Mad Men Dress – I wish I had March Break so I could sew!

How was your first experience with a pattern? Have you ever got an “aw honey” from a sales associate when you show them the pattern you are getting and tell them you are a beginner? (’cause I sure did lol)


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