It’s been a while since I have posted about anything other than sewing. I also spend my time baking and cooking. This week I am having some people over for dinner and making a stew. They were all excited when they found out that we were having stew then shocked when I said that no I was not making doughboys. Well that went right out the window so now I am going to make doughboys – which I had never heard about until 6 months ago.

What I discovered is that doughboys are the same as what you would make when you make blueberry grunt, which I love but I had never called them doughboys before and at the moment I cannot remember what they are called.

If you do not know what blueberry grunt is you may know it as blueberry funjo or blueberry funji, or just google it.

I will let you know how they turn out….

Dumplings! I think that’s what my grandmother called them….

Has something like this ever happened to you? What do you like to have with you soups/stews?



I made the doughboys last night. they actually didn’t turn out too bad!


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