Circle Skirt part 3

Since I pinned my waistband I have been trying to figure out how to close my skirt, the fabric isn’t stretchy enough for an elastic to be put in. I could just get it on over my hips before I put the waistband in now that there is more fabric I am worried I would tear it. I don’t want to add a seam either. So my solution to this problem is: a button to close the waistband and an exposed zipper!

This will be my first exposed zipper and I can’t wait to go pick one up – I was originally going to put a small navy blue zipper on the inside but since my skirt is seamless that would be tough.

I picked up a jeans zipper and an assortment of buttons

buttons and zipper

I tried the skirt on again and realized that I do not need the zipper, I can do it with buttons! I chose the gold button in the middle.

Then I started practicing button holes

button holes

At first the button holes were pulling the fabric too much (see the one on the right) so I doubled up the fabric and put some iron on stitchery in between the layers to reinforce it (on the left).

I finished the waistband, attached the buttons and marked the now reinforced spot where the button holes would go. Then I realized that I now have a problem. I have absolutely no idea how I am going to attach the waistband… at this point it was getting late and I started making silly mistakes so I decided to stop for the night. We will see what will happen today.




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