Polka Dot Dress Part 4

So I finally started working on my dress again and I started with the zipper, I ended up ripping it out twice more and got so frustrated that I made it shorter, I was only getting so far until it started gettting super crooked so that is where I cut it off. it looks like this now.

Zipper zipper outside

I also put a hook and eye at the top.

Next I realized that hemming the arm holes was going to be a problem, so I got some of my leftover fabric from making the dress and made my own bias tape.

Homemade Bias Tape

It was really thick and I didn’t want to try it on my machine so I ended up hand sewing it, in hindsight I probably should have been sewing closer to the edge but I didn’t.


It is a litte warped but I’m hoping that it will still lay ok. I still have to do that at least 3 more times and then possibly for the neck line as well. Stuff like this makes me really wish that I had a dress form. I am starting to worry that it will not fit. I am learning a lot though. I will definitly be making a muslin first for my mad men dress.


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