The Elusive Someday Project

It’s been a while since I have posted anything, I’ve just manages to get over a wicked cold while trying to balance a crazy schedule, luckily things seem to be back to normal now and I will hopefully get to work on my polka dot dress this weekend – still not looking forward to ripping out and redoing that zipper… Today I will talk about a different dress, a few years ago I borrowed a friends dress and absolutely loved it, I sadly had to give it back but I was determined to find one like it. After lots of looking I still have not found anything close to it. My best description is that it is a tiered dress similar to this one:

Tiered Dress

I found that picture on google. The dress I loved had larger and fewer tiers (probably 5 or 6) and the top was completely different. It had a halter neck similar to this one:

Halter Neck

but you could either tie it at your neck or make it a strapless dress by letting the ties hang (they were quite long, or possibly you could tie them at the back of the dress – I don’t remember, the dress was held up with elastic above the bust and had an empire waistline. It also had a silk like liner and gauze like main fabric. It also had a high low hem.

I don’t have a good picture of the dress or I would post it…. Trust me I wish I did haha

This half forgotten but very much loved dress is my someday project.

Have you ever borrowed or seen a dress that you instantly wanted but could never find again?

Did you try to make it yourself?

Where you successful?

Do you have a someday project?


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