Sew alongs

The more sewing blogs that I read the more cool stuff I find, I had never heard of a sew along but I think they are amazing! I found one here that I love, unfortunately it is over but that doesn’t mean that I can’t belatedly follow along, all the blog posts are being left up.

I will have to resist going out and buying fabric until I actually finish the projects that I have on the go: the circle skirt and the polka dot dress. I also have fabric to make two A line skirts and a dopp kit, but more about that another day.

Have you ever done a sew along? What was your experience?


One thought on “Sew alongs

  1. I am in the final week of my first sew along and it has been a blast! I was terrified in the very beginning, because I am new to sewing clothes for my children. I feel like my confidence has grown some over these 6 weeks. Now that I have a little experience making pint sized clothes, maybe that will translate into handmade clothes that can fit me. Lol.

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