Polka dot dress

So my latest project has been working on a polka dot dress, I didn’t even plan to make one I just saw the fabric and got the inspiration. I looked on Pinterest and on some other blogs and my idea for the pattern came from http://www.oneaviandaemon.com where she shows you how to make her picnic dress. What I am attempting to make is not quite the same but similar, the other day I cut out the pieces and this is what it might look like.

Polka dot dress

apologies for the quality of the picture, I took it with my phone.

So far I have made a circle skirt for the bottom and meaused out and cut the sash. The tricky part is the top of the dress, I have been trying to make it with darts since the fabric isn’t stretchy and I need a bit more room than some… so far I have made two tops and both are residing in my scrap bag (along with the pajama pants from before.) Now I am back to the computer to see if I can find an easy tutorial to help me make the top… we will see what happens…


2 thoughts on “Polka dot dress

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