Pajama Pants Disaster

Recently I purchased my very first sewing machine, a beautiful Singer from my local Home Hardware. I decided that I would look for some projects to try on Pinterest, the first one I found was a washcloth pouch that you could use to put your soap in, thinking that this would make a great gift when Christmas comes around again I decided to try it. It went really well (it was also ridiculously easy so that helped!) My success with the soap pouch led to me deciding that I could sew some pajama pants. I went to my local store that sells fabric and told them what I wanted to do. They helped me out and I ended up getting a really nice flannel patters – who doesn’t love flannel pjs!? I got home and decided that i would just trace some other pants… well that part worked ok, then came the sewing. I set up my machine and got to it. I ended up with a pair of pj pants that had a saggy bum and the legs were much to narrow. which lead to the seam ripping open when they were tried on.

After that debacle, I put everything away and decided to wait a while before attempting something else and to use a pattern the next time…

The pajama pants are currently residing in my scrap bag and will probably not see the light of day for quite a while. I did get enough fabric to make two pairs so we will see what happens in a few months.


2 thoughts on “Pajama Pants Disaster

  1. At Margareta's Haus says:

    Awwww, please do not get discouraged. Pants have a front and a back – meaning the back piece is a little larger as it leaves room for the rear-end (if you know what I mean – LOL). Try it with a simple pattern – Simplicity has an Easy to Sew line and often times the patterns go on sale for 99 cents at Joannes. Good luck to you – and keep on stitchin’!

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