Bubble and Squeak

Last summer I went to England where I tried Bubble and Squeak, it is actually something that my mum made all the time, we called it hash though, I like the nameBubble and Squeak way better though.

So Bubble and Squeak is basically all those leftover veggies that you have from the wonderful meal that you made the night before all mashed together and fried up, it is often served with poached egss on top – when I make it they are fried eggs. I am still working on poaching an egg properly…

I would recommend making this to everyone, it is wonderful.

Last week I cooked a roast, and my veggies (white potato, sweet potato, turnip, and carrots) all in one pan in the oven and then the next morning I took my veggie medley and mashed it then fried it, and tada: Bubble and Squeak. (with fried eggs of course!)

A super easy way to roast veggies that I always use is to chop everything up and throw it in a large ziploc bag, add in some olive oil (be generous) then put in all your favorite spices, close up the bag and shake. Pour into the pan and you have lovely evenly coated veggies. Pop in the oven until done and enjoy.


Circle Skirts… they’re easy aren’t they…

Last night I decided to get out my sewing machine, it had been about two weeks since the pj pant disaster and I figured it was about time to start again.

This time I got a pattern from http://whatthecraft.com/circle-skirt-tutorial-new-and-improved/ and I mixed it with http://www.theribbonretreat.com/blog/circle-skirt-pattern-tutorial.html

I figured that I was all set, I had even bought tools for marking and tracing onto my fabric.

The measuring and cutting worked out well, I even set up my iron this time. I ran into issues while hemming. I still have no idea what happened but the end result was that I had to rip out about a quarter of the hem and start over. The thread was a huge mess on one side of the fabric. Once the hem was done I started working on the waistband, I measured, ironed, and sewed the ends then I started pinning it, after all that I realized that i had made it too short, about a quarter of my skirt would have no waistband! After that I decided it was time to call it a night. Tonight I will try the waistband again and hopefully take some pictures to put up on here.

While trying to find skirt patterns online I ran across something called the “summer of no pants” I don’t know if it will be done again but I have decided to try my own summer of no pants and see how far into summer I can get only wearing skirts/dresses. I will have to make some exceptions though… I don’t think teaching kayaking while wearing a skirt would be a good idea, nor would doing yoga or horseback riding, all of which I plan to do this summer. I also plan to take up golf, so the rules will have to bend there to include athletic skorts in my wardrobe.

Summer of No Pants link: http://www.hideousdreadfulstinky.com/p/summer-of-no-pants-2011.html

Pajama Pants Disaster

Recently I purchased my very first sewing machine, a beautiful Singer from my local Home Hardware. I decided that I would look for some projects to try on Pinterest, the first one I found was a washcloth pouch that you could use to put your soap in, thinking that this would make a great gift when Christmas comes around again I decided to try it. It went really well (it was also ridiculously easy so that helped!) My success with the soap pouch led to me deciding that I could sew some pajama pants. I went to my local store that sells fabric and told them what I wanted to do. They helped me out and I ended up getting a really nice flannel patters – who doesn’t love flannel pjs!? I got home and decided that i would just trace some other pants… well that part worked ok, then came the sewing. I set up my machine and got to it. I ended up with a pair of pj pants that had a saggy bum and the legs were much to narrow. which lead to the seam ripping open when they were tried on.

After that debacle, I put everything away and decided to wait a while before attempting something else and to use a pattern the next time…

The pajama pants are currently residing in my scrap bag and will probably not see the light of day for quite a while. I did get enough fabric to make two pairs so we will see what happens in a few months.